GHSP Cooktop

World's Most Entertaining Induction Cooktop

GHSP believes that integrated technology creates better user experiences. Their focus is on the design and integration of interfaces, software, and electromechanical controls that impact everyone around the world. GHSP selected CARNEVALE to help design the user interface of a fully functional, connected induction cooktop. The nature of complex technology product innovation required quick-turnarounds and experienced creative intuition. 

The Cooktop of Tomorrow

Users at CES 2020 were able to experience the ease-of-use and power of innovative induction cooktops. Almost all aspects of the cooktop are free-floating and customizable: the movable controller, menus, timers, temperature, and style of cooking. The cooktop’s surface is an interactive display that can scan and identify ingredients and set correct cooking times and temperatures. Event-goers at CES were packed around the cooktop to get a glimpse.

We believe we have designed the world’s most entertaining induction cooktop.

Dave Jerovsek, GHSP


Measurable Traction

The live presentation of the cooktop interface design at CES was near flawless. People understood how it worked because CARNEVALE focused on integrating established design patterns in novel ways. GHSP enjoyed a further boost of their brand reputation as a redefiner of categories and gained measurable traction with cooking industry decision-makers.

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