The Most Downloaded App in Golf

GolfLogix, the world leader in golf GPS mobile apps, turned to CARNEVALE for a refresh of their flagship product—the most downloaded golf app in both the App Store and Google Play. Millions of golfers depend on the app for accurate GPS distances, easy scorekeeping, and course maps. Our challenge? Create an advanced user experience that’s as integral to the game as your trusty nine iron.

Research and Collaboration

If you’re going to design for golf, you’d better know the game. It’s the reason we conducted more than 120 hours of on-course observational research. On top of that, we led whiteboard sessions with our friends at GolfLogix, and went through a number of deep-dive sessions with their in-house development lead. Understanding the consumers and experts who use, create, and market the product is fundamental to our creative process and the success of the app.


From Tee to Green

From the tee box to the green, GolfLogix helps golfers perfect their game. Using groundbreaking GIS imaging and rendering technology, CARNEVALE created dynamic 3d models of over 5,000 courses worldwide. This allows users to pinpoint the exact spot on the green to sink their putt every time. Of course users can also check essentials like their GPS distance to the green at a glance. Scorecard design even evokes classic card stock, while simplifying multi-player scoring. From range finding to score entry, we crafted every touchpoint to be effortless, so players can immerse themselves in the game, not the app.

Putt Line green reading technology is a game changer, and it will help you play smarter, more confident golf.

Pete Charleston, GolfLogix


Extending the Lead

Having introduced handheld GPS back in 1999, GolfLogix is far and away the leader in this space. Over the years, competitors began vying for top position, offering users the same GPS and course maps, albeit in a shiny, new package. We helped GolfLogix break away from the pack by improving the user experience, showcasing groundbreaking features, and better integrating revenue-generating elements to the core experience. GolfLogix continues to add features to what is widely considered the gold standard among golf apps. Getting there meant improving retention among current users, and attracting new users through superior UX. And we probably helped a few people lower their handicap.

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