Steelcase Map Table

Mapping a Better Customer Experience

Steelcase, the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, turns insights into innovation and pushes limits to transform office, education, healthcare, and retail environments. Steelcase hired CARNEVALE to create a collaborative touch-screen experience in their US and EMEA showrooms for customers to reimagine their own workplaces.

Real-Time Insights

Steelcases needed a real-time, collaborative, and connected experience that delivered continuous insights and handled enormous amounts of assets and room layouts. The solution was mission critical—there was a small window of opportunity for sales to work with important groups and executives that traveled to Steelcase to learn and make decisions.


Highlighting Individual Needs

After working closely with Steelcase to capture requirements and a vision for the future, we began the design process with a simple philosophy in mind, “There is no head of the table.” Empowering each individual and allowing them to to express their unique needs anonymously  lead to open, visual collaboration.

Shared Mental Model

A unique benchmarking data visualization tool that gathers heat maps and other preferences was at the core of the experience. This data exposed a customer team’s understanding of what is important to their organization. Without these map tools, a team can only assume they share a mental model of what is valuable. At the end of each session, an interactive leave-behind website is automatically generated for further discussion and decision making.

Focusing on Sales, Not on Technology

The Steelcase map table handles the heavy lifting, allowing Steelcase salespersons to focus on strategy, collaboration, and managing decisions. An analytics layer captures the behaviors and preferences in the table, providing Steelcase with a clear understanding of customers’ needs and insights on how to improve the table over time.


Insights into Innovation

Users of the map table reported having more conviction and were more easily able to make informed office layout and furniture decisions. The vast majority of users assigned a positive user and brand experience to the map table and the Steelcase brand. This continues a long Steelcase heritage of being an innovator while finding utility in everything they create.

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