Adding New Flavors to the Recipe

The world leader in wood-fired hardwood pellet grills and smokers reached out to CARNEVALE to reimagine their grilling user experience. Fully programmable and connected over your local WiFi, Traeger grills make it easy to put the bark on a brisket without charcoal, gas, or hassles. Our challenge was to create a simple, desirable experience that manages high volumes of complex data, security, and constant communication between connected devices.

Set & Forget

With Traeger’s grill controller and connected app, enthusiasts can cook meat low and slow without being tethered to the grill. The new app and website allow customers to control their smart grills while personalizing their grilling experience with flavor profiles and dietary restrictions, recipes, BBQ tips, and Traeger products. Users can find inspiration or cook alongside some of the best chefs and pitmasters in the world. The app is easy to connect and works with other smart home devices.


Added Flavor

The TRAEGER brand takes one more leap forward as an innovator. They now have an app and web platform that allows for rapid feature releases and room to grow, and the experience is intuitive and empowering to both new and veteran users. Since the launch of the new app and website, TRAEGER has more data visibility and insight into how customers are using products and how those products are performing.

CARNEVALE team members are the consummate professionals. They are very responsive to our constantly changing business environment and provide a level of support unparalleled in the industry.

Ryan Newman, Traeger


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