Connected Devices

Engineering Smarter Environments

We create real-time experiences that leverage sensors, hardware, and software to engage and connect with the world around us, and empower your consumers like never before.

Traeger grill owners can harness the real power of machine learning to cook, control the grill, order supplies and learn using the Traeger App IoT app.

Living in a Connected World

People enjoy and rely on connected devices every day. The “Internet of Things” has brought the internet experience out of the screen and into our lives, starting with phones and watches connected to homes, cars and appliances. Opportunities in the marketplace to create new experiences are much clearer, mainly due to the reduced cost of ownership for businesses and users. This sets expectations higher – businesses need to deliver positive experiences that improve people’s lives, not confuse or slow them down.


DYMO’s 5+ millions users can easily design custom labels with the new DYMO Connect software.

An IoT app that is woven throughout The Company office building in NYC to give tenants access, receive deliveries, reserve restaurants and catering, and always be in the know.

Context Aware Devices and Software

CARNEVALE creates hardware and software connected experiences that are more than the sum of their physical and digital parts. We have the resources, experience and passion for listening to create positive connected experiences that harness your best offerings and build stronger relationships with your brand. Just in the past few years we’ve created IoT solutions for personalized grills, multi-touch design tables, elemental analysis by combustion, golf green scanning, dynamic cooktops, and autonomous vehicles.

Our work on the Mattel’s Justice League RC vehicle enabled fans to experience AR immersive action, blurring the line between physical and digital gameplay.

Getting Smart with the Data

Increasing demand and usage of connected devices is creating overwhelming amounts of data that are both a challenge and opportunity for organizations. Carnevale often creates layers that capture existing data to personalize both the device and other connected experiences. This work is fairly lightweight and directly integrates with existing enterprise and local systems. The result is improved brand reputation and results on critical KPIs, and smarter forecasting for KLIs.


The Sky app helps users maximize their entire air filtration system by tracking air quality, filter usage and adjusting speeds.


The eSpring app makes it easy to keep water fresh and healthy by tracking usage, contaminants and filter life.

Taking Action

If you’re starting to explore new devices or want to leverage existing ones, we often recommend starting with a specific business and use case to see what opportunities exist. Let’s imagine the future together.

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