Visualization & Analytics

Storytelling with Data and Insights

We leverage your data to find insights, communicate clearly, and ultimately make better decisions.

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Communicating Clearly with Visualization

We help companies elevate above business analytics tools to improve decision-making. Our focus is data stories, visualization, and user centered design to deliver business intelligence and analytics reporting that is relevant, clear, and easy to use. We have experience with all major analytics platforms and leverage complex software and hardware data every day.


Redefining the autonomous passenger experience to be seamless, integrated and personalized.

The Need for Better Executive Reporting

Executives seek real-time insights and clarity to inform their decisions and adjust their vision. Even the best analytics platforms and well-intentioned data analysts miss opportunities to inform executives by over-communicating and providing siloed information, most often due to being overwhelmed themselves. CARNEVALE leverages existing systems, data science, and visualization talent to design dashboards and reports that describe brand sentiment and reveal trends. These skills allow us to predict and avoid often overlooked landmines which can break down sentiment, initiatives, and performance.


Delivering Enterprise and Consumer Analytics

As analytics professionals, we share the challenges of reducing ad hoc requests and providing more self-serve automated solutions that deliver diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive reporting. CARNEVALE helps companies create custom, user-centered reporting and data visualization that enables business users to communicate clearly and end-users to make better decisions.


Analytics and data visualization for a global retailer that drive innovation, process and business performance.

The Big Analytics Opportunity

Data Visualization will be woven into virtually every business and consumer touchpoint. We’re amidst a big opportunity to improve the world around us through clarity of data, great design, and immersive technologies. CARNEVALE specializes in data visualization and reporting for both enterprise and consumer analytics, including social sentiment analysis, ecommerce, and connected devices.

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