Extended Reality

Creating Immersive Digital Worlds

Through the use of advanced apps, 360° spatial audio, powerful smartphone cameras, or enhanced eyewear, extended reality (XR) experiences fully immerse people into rich landscapes of interactive content and provide an entirely new approach for people to connect with technology.

By fusing the real and digital worlds, XR streamlines the way people consume information, and we foresee that XR experiences will be the preferred method for interacting with digital information in the future.

Analyzing and discussing network security vulnerabilities in real-time augmented reality with nSpectre. 

The Next Wave of Technology

While XR is on the cutting-edge of digital experiences, it’s found a unique calling with businesses and consumers alike. Creating XR business experiences during this formative era has helped our partners become leaders in their industries by differentiating them from competitors, enhancing customer experience, and improving employee performance.


Customizing and placing beautiful Cumberland furniture in augmented reality.


An entire city block transforms into a health complex at one-to-one scale in augmented reality with the Rockford Construction app.

XR Offers Businesses Unique Advantages

XR experiences offer measurable and immediate benefits to many businesses, and we work with our partners to establish if an XR experience is the best solution to fulfill their goals. From visualizing and customizing products in augmented reality to harnessing an organization’s collective experience into virtual reality training and education, the breadth of XR experiences is nearly limitless.


The Skylens app displays weather contextually around you using augmented reality.


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