CARNEVALE is an independent global experience agency headquartered in Grand Rapids with long-standing teams in Europe to extend our reach and scale. Our team of creatives, strategists, designers, technologists, and data specialists are passionate about creating next-generation experiences that benefit the world.

Design & Development

The Talent That Makes Our Work Possible

Jon Neill

Design Director

Troy Rojewski

Design Director

Ryan Slone

Design Director

Caitlyn Hain

Design Director

Alex Wierda

Design Director

Matt Medonis


Katie Trent


Tyler West


Kenton Reynolds

3D Artist

James Andreas


Lee McKenzie


Tom Sterkenburg


Erion Adams

Emerging Tech Developer

Business & Project Support

The Leadership That Inspires and Supports

Becky Miller

Project Manager

Lydia Kauffman

Project Manager

Samantha Robinson

Project Manager

Carrie Ludwig

Project Coordinator

Kacey Rainone

Project Coordinator

Robin DeYoung

Financial Analyst

Dan Carnevale

Operations Support Manager

Creative and Business Direction

The Creative Vision and Experience

Michael Carnevale

Creative Director & Owner

We’re advocates for your users—we’ll always keep their best interests in mind. Understanding their needs, from utilitarian tasks to full emotional engagement, is at the center of our work. We capture your vision and gain consensus each step of the way to deliver software that people love to use.

Michael Carnevale, Founder & Owner

Collaboration at the Forefront

We’re all about seamless collaboration. Video status reports for both team and uplines? Done. Rapid and frequent ideation sessions with senior designers and developers? Done. In-person, online, we’re always here.

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