Technology for the people.

= Social Impact

We believe in the transformative power of technology. But how revolutionary can a new technology really be if it’s only accessible to a very select few? Here at CARNEVALE co/op, we’ve built our business around flipping that script.

Impact in Action

We’ve worked with many great people, telling their stories in compelling ways with the latest technology.

Our Origin Story

The team at CARNEVALE started co/op over a decade ago. Our former Director of Social Impact, Nika Price, was devoted to making her community, both local and global, a brighter and more welcoming place for all of us. When Nika joined our company in 2018, she brought with her her insight and passion for community through an education and roots in the non-profit world. Under her guidance, CARNEVALE co/op blossomed and transformed into a brilliant model for corporate social good.

Our Origin Story

Nika Marie 
Social Impact Scholarship

After her untimely passing in 2022 at the age of 30, we feel honored to carry forward her work through the co/op by manifesting her vision. While her life may have been cut short, her impact isn’t. And through the Nika Marie Social Impact Scholarship, that impact can be carried on for future generations.


Monetary gifts, such as sponsorships and scholarships, are invaluable forms of financial support that can have a profound impact on individuals and organizations alike. These contributions not only alleviate financial burdens but also open up doors to new opportunities and endeavors.

Opening Doors

We recognize that the talent of extraordinary people from non-traditional pathways often goes unnoticed and is underrepresented in the tech industry. Our mission is to actively seek out individuals from diverse backgrounds and provide exposure and enrichment for them on their career paths. We believe that every unique skill and perspective contributes to the rich tapestry of the work that we do.


Beyond the immediate benefits to an organization, partnering with us means contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society. Our collaboration supports community development and social change, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.


CARNEVALE co/op’s mission is to provide accessible, low or no cost technology products to maximize the resources behind your non-profit’s or community organization’s mission –– keeping you focused on your cause.

The Delta Project

The Delta Project kicked off in late 2017 with a goal to employ strait forward, relatable storytelling to help people gain a fresh outlook on their circumstances. We were inspired by their mission and partnered with them to create a website that would not only provide a place to tell their story but more importantly amplify the stories of young males caught in the cycle of incarceration.

Van Kuiken

The Delta Project would not be making the impact it is making without the incredible support of the CARNEVALE co/op program. In 2022, as we were beginning to experience steady growth, we really needed a website redesign and we didn’t have deep pockets or extensive resources to build something suitable. Because our previous site was hosted on WordPress, it was rather complex to manage. CARNEVALE redesigned our site on SquareSpace, which gave us the ability to support our changing content needs much more fluidly. They were also meticulous and incredibly helpful guiding us through the proper user experience journey which has made our website a valuable resource for our customers, and for our own organizational needs.

Undesign the Redline

We partnered with The Diatribe and The 49507 Project to interactively tell the little-known story of redlining in Grand Rapids. The experience visualizes the significance of redlining through immersive video and 3D content while highlighting local artists who live, work, and create in the 49507.

Smith Jovanovic

Undesign the Redline is a powerful component of the 49507 Project. QR Codes located next to each mural link to an interactive experience, designed in partnership with CARNEVALE. Folks can see how the immediate vicinity was categorized on the redline maps of the 1930s, in which areas with sizable Black populations were outlined in red ink on maps as a warning to mortgage lenders, leading to a century of disinvestment.
They can also explore stories from the 49507 Project artists, business partners, and students. As of 2023, 17 murals across 49507 are part of the Project. We encourage folks to take a self-guided tour to a few of the murals and look at the Undesign the Redline page to reflect on the impact of redlining on our neighborhoods today and think about ways to support the dreams of our community for the future.

The Hip Hop Museum

Our partnership with THHM has spanned the realms of space, time, and AR platforms, so to put it lightly ‘we go way back’. We’ve been making their dreams reality, modifying what we provide as they grow, starting with launching their website, to now creating a virtual home for the future of hip hop.


Working with CARNEVALE on our metaverse project has been a truly fantastic experience. As the “metaverse” is new to everyone and takes on different meanings for different people this has been a very collaborative and eye-opening project. The CARNEVALE team is a wonderfully diverse and supremely skilled group of people that makes it uniquely qualified to tackle cutting-edge projects such as our metaverse targeting the Hip Hop Generation(s) in all its incarnations. We look forward to working with CARNEVALE for many years to come!

West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology

We partner with WMCAT to provide its students with real-world educational experiences for professional development in technology. We provide coding classes and tech topic specific workshops to bolster the talent pipeline of underrepresented youth coming into the industry.


CARNEVALE embraces the value of investing in emerging talent and the role of social capital in a student-centered experience. While working with them we’ve found that our students who identify as BIPOC have been finding a sense of belonging and ways to apply their talents in the digital world and economy. They’ve helped WMCAT get teens engaging with new technology as a way to develop creative confidence, explore new possibilities, and actively participate in designing our future.