New Levels of Collaboration and Control

The cybersecurity field is transforming the way networking and security services are being delivered—from the cloud. Network security is difficult to envision, diagnose, and discuss, especially with less technical users. CARNEVALE created a tool that bridges the gap between business and information security teams so that strategic and tactical decisions are collaborative and informed.

Visualizing Network Security

nSpectre establishes connections between multidisciplinary business and information security teams by visualizing network security data in augmented reality. Available on Magic Leap and iOS, nSpectre allows network security novices and experts alike to together walk through a live visualization of a system’s security profile. Collaborative discussions can take place while looking at and drilling down into nodes, characteristics, and devices. Areas that have the most security exposure are taller towers, almost like buildings, for further exploration.


Facilitating Conversations

The visualization created by the nSpectre software exposes potential network risks for further research. Multi-user augmented reality is immersive and collaborative, resulting in far greater potential for alignment and consensus. nSpectre demonstrates the security team is leveraging the best tools to keep the organization and its customers safe.

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