Universal Hip-Hop Museum

Breaking New Grounds Onsite and Virtually

Located in the Bronx of New York City, The Universal Hip Hop Museum was founded by iconic entrepreneurs and artists to bring rap and hip-hop history to the masses. As the museum moved through the construction of a physical transformation, they also wanted to launch an immersive virtual experience to break down barriers of accessibility. By harnessing the power of the metaverse, CARNEVALE helped make this vision a reality. Our challenge was to recreate the authenticity, magic, and discovery of the UHHM from the comfort of home.

Overcoming Barriers

Years in the making, this virtual experience was imagined while waiting for technology and infrastructure to catch up. The CARNEVALE co/op Department, a low-cost/no-cost division providing the same advanced technology and user experience design services to nonprofits and social impact organizations, started development in 2021 on Microsoft’s Alt Space platform.However, as is the case with a shifting digital landscape, the CARNEVALE team fully rebuilt this experience from the ground up in Spatial when that was ultimately sunset.

Working with CARNEVALE on our metaverse project has been a truly fantastic experience. As the “metaverse” is new to everyone and takes on different meanings for different people this has been a very collaborative and eye-opening project. The CARNEVALE team is a wonderfully diverse and supremely skilled group of people that makes it uniquely qualified to tackle cutting-edge projects such as our metaverse targeting the Hip Hop Generation(s) in all

Rocky Bucano, President of the Universal Hip Hop Museum


Exploring History

Museum goers and fans alike can now virtually step into the Bronx Subway Station near where hip-hop was born with their own digital avatar to take a first person walk through history. Extending into sound studios, performance stages, and VIP lounges, users of all backgrounds and situations are able to share in all that the UHHM has to offer. Changing exhibits and live musical performances will help bring people back for exclusive experiences for groups or individuals.

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